ACT Miniature Enthusiasts [ACTME] promotes miniatures via monthly meetings, mini workshops, and our Annual Miniatures and Dollhouse Show.


ACTME meetings and mini workshops endeavour to:

* Provide inspiration for its members;

* Create miniatures and learn new techniques; 

* Challenge and further enhance the overall miniature experience.


 Our club meets on the second Saturday of every month 
from 1.30pm till 4pm (unless otherwise stated).
In Meeting Room #1 at the Weston Creek Community Centre, Whitney Place,
just off Parkinson Street, Weston ACT, 2611.

Check our calendar for ACTME Meetings and Events.
Dates for ACTME Meetings and Events will also be posted on our Facebook page.

Important dates to remember for 2021:
January Meeting - 9 January
February Meeting - 13 February

ACTME 2020 Miniature Show & Dollshouse Fair - 13 March - CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

March Meeting - 13 March
April Meeting - 17 April - A full day UFO Workshopping from 10am till 5pm

Sydney Miniature Show - 1 & 2 May
May Meeting - 8 May 

June Meeting - 12 June

July Meeting - 10 July

Malkara Model Railway Weekend - 7 & 8 August @ Malkara School -

August Meeting - 14 August - CANCELLED

September Meeting - 11September - CANCELLED

October Meeting - 9 October - CANCELLED

*November Meeting - 13 November - A full day of UFO Workshopping from 11am till 5pm

* December Meeting - 11 December

(Secret Santa, Christmas Displays, coffee and a jolly chinwag! )

ACTME 2021 Miniature Show & Dollshouse Fair - 12 March 2022

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We do NOT seek trader interest, their details and/or payment for trading tables via the platform;
We do NOT publish a list of participating traders with their details on;
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*We do NOT use an agency to represent us on our behalf, nor do we sell these so called lists of traders and/or attendees;
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ACT Miniature Enthusiasts ONLY advertise on our website (you are currently viewing information on our website); our Facebook page; multiple local community group websites within the ACT within Australia; Closed Miniature related Facebook Groups; and local community magazines. 

Please note: We are a Miniatures Club located in the Australian Capital Territory - Canberra, AUSTRALIA.


 We are currently compiling the "History of ACT Miniature Enthusiasts", when the information has been compiled and completed, it will be added to this website / page. 


 Our club is run by very creative, knowledgeable and patient volunteers. We will do our best to ensure that the information posted is up-to-date and current. We take no responsibility for information provided to us (the club, the administrator, and any member adding information) that is not entirely accurate at time of publication.